Bringing Your Barn Into The Digital Age

Outdated Technology Means The Pork Industry Is Not Taking Advantage Of Advances In:

Environmental Treatments

Health & Welfare

Data Insights / Predictive Analytics

How The Unified Production System Works

FarrPro’s Answer Is Our Unified Production System

Create the perfect barn environment with a Unified Production System. We believe a healthy environment leads to healthy animals. Provide the best for your employees and herd with today’s technology.

Pathogen Control

Robust, active and safe air/surface cleaning for any space. Protect your herd, employees and facilities.
Products under development.

Ideal Environment

Efficient and consistent piglet heating in hands-off packages. The Haven MicroClimate, NanoMat and DownFire products all provide modern alternatives to traditional heat sources.

Optimize Washdown

Turn tap water into a cleaner that’s safer and more powerful than bleach. Reduce chemical costs by 90%.
Products under development.

Animal & Facility Information

The Sentry Tag provides you with detailed animal activity information via a 9-axis ear tag. Coordinate facility function with our Sentry Software and view herd information with the rugged, barn-tough Sentry Tablet.


Bring the benefits of the sun to your indoor herd. Our ongoing research and development of a Vitamin D supplementation system will one day revolutionize the future of animal heath.

Our Products

MicroClimate Systems

  • Modern environment solutions in the farrowing room.
  • Even, efficient heating.

Sentry Platform

  • Centralized animal and employee data.
  • Revolutionary ear tag with animal monitoring.
  • Hardware flexibility.

Sentry Ear Tag

  • 9-axis activity tracker.
  • Easily detect sick animals – prevent the spread of disease.
  • Monitor your heard off-site.


  • Long-lasting and highly energy efficient heat mat.
  • Lightweight, easy to clean and durable.
  • Provides truly even heat across the entire surface.

Our Partners